by DJ Martin (SingleFocus Ministry®)

As in the days of Gideon, in the midst of intimidation and great financial oppression, the people of God tremble. I guess they are so busy trembling or hiding or trying to make ends meet while the enemies of God party and have plenty to eat, they neglect to teach their children about their God; His miracles and His precepts.  They have become so busy trying to work and glean enough to feed their family, they just don’t have time to train up their children and they have forgotten that God is able and He is our very present help!  Therefore, they have become comfortable walking with the ungodly, sitting at the table of the scornful.  They have adopted standing in the way of sinners as a normal lifestyle (Psalms 1:1). They have become undercover children of God.  Daily standing  in the face of the sinful, because of intimidation and rulings made by the unrighteous judicial systems and Corporate Codes of Business that threatens dismissal if you dare call ‘sin’ sin.  Believe it or not, there used to be a time when righteousness prevailed.  As a matter of fact, righteousness had somewhat of high regard just 38 months ago.

In the beginning of this great land, though the men had their individual shortcomings, they had enough sense to acknowledge the Lord God and the truth of His precepts.  They built this nation on Biblical Doctrines. So that there should be no questioning, they crafted the constitution based on Biblical principles. Yet, today in this country we have someone who swore on the Holy Bible that he would protect the constitution only to later decide what is constitutional or not and declare that he would not defend what he thinks is unconstitutional though the doctrine by which the constitution was crafted was the Holy Bible.   So we retreat and now it is very hard to tell the sheep from the goat (Mathew 25:32).  Churches open their doors every week and pray prayers like “bless them and bless me.” Where is our Gideon; someone who has the boldness of Paul to go right down into the heart of the temple of evil and cause a stir in the people, because he preached Jesus Christ? “Lord where is our Gideon?”

Christ has given us the key that will bring heavenly intervention.  Shouldn’t there be collective prayers like John the Baptist would pray publically and boisterously? Shouldn’t those times of collective prayer from the saints be: “tear down the gangs in our neighborhood; pluck them out by the roots”; or “Lord, pull down the stronghold of wickedness in high places”; or “Lord, rebuke the spirit of immorality in leadership and among the people”; or ““Lord, rebuke and uproot the baby murdering factories in the neighborhood”?  After all, the scripture says that we are the “overwhelming conquerors (Romans 8:37).”  Jesus says that whatever we bind will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose will be loosed in heaven (Matthew 16:19).  Like Paul says, “What are they going to do, kill us?” To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord (2Corinthians 5:8).  What are they going to do, beat us? “I reckon that the sufferings of this present time [are] not worthy [to be compared] with the glory which shall be revealed in us (Romans 8:18).”

The reality is that the church is somewhere blending in with the world culture.  The church is thrashing wheat in a winepress (Judges 6:11).  The church is setting up the idols of the enemies of God right next to Him (Ezekiel 43:78).  There are a few, as it were, like voices crying in the wilderness.  However, the media makes fun or reveals the sin of the righteous who dare say something; subjecting them to ridicule.  But God is not mocked.  So now: states are in drought condition; states have cities that are being overrun with wildfires or flooding; a loaf of bread is as the price of a gas tank fill up in some places; states are publically welcoming immoral lifestyles and the cost of health care is sky rocketing; etc.

Like in the days of Gideon, if the nation needs a deliverer, when God sends an angel in search of him, He will not find him leading a concert of prayers, because his family blends in. Because God’s people seem to be blended in with the enemies of God; he will be found somewhere thrashing wheat in the winepress.

Wherever he is, we sure need him now!  I constantly pray, “Lord where is our Gideon?”  He’s not that man who leads national political groups with lying speeches. He’s not that man who makes eloquent speeches in the pulpit and hobnobs with the rich and the famous.  He’s not that man who has a national syndicated religious broadcast who preaches sermons like: “Send me your money and you will become prosperous.”  He’s not that man who promises righteousness in Congress, but sooner than you can turnaround, begins to look like the same “ol’ usual wickedness” in high places.  My constant prayer is: “Lord, where is our Gideon?”

Graves are full of shorten plots because they are killing our babies while fighting for the lives of animals.  The graveyards are growing while the plots are shorter because teenagers are dying of overdose and criminal mischief.  Lord why aren’t the churches praying aggressive prayers? Why is wickedness allowed to prevail in the church like with the sons of Eli in the days of Samuel?  Lord where is our Gideon?

Every once in a while, I hear of a boy or girl who boldly defies the government and rulings of the unrighteous judges and prays at their graduation ceremony.  Every once in a while I hear about a bold youngster who defies the rulings of unrighteous judges and bows their head to say grace over their lunch.  Perhaps we have to wait a little while longer.  Perhaps among the brave youth of God there is our Gideon! I’m hoping that God reveals him sooner than later..!!

And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him, and said unto him, The LORD [is] with thee, thou mighty man of valor.” Judges 6:12

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