What the LORD told and showed me.

Year 2020 will be Time of Mourning and Time of Joy

  1. Their nakedness will be manifest or revealed
  2. Every evil plot will boomerang back to them
  3. A Shaking
  4. A Dismantling
  5. The righteous shall reap the riches of the wicked
  6. Wicked leaders shall devour themselves
  7. Everywhere in the world Trump prophesies, Christ will be glorified
  8. Waving of God’s Hand over nations
  9. The enemy’s plot: those who have plotted evil shall end as Haman’s plot did.
  10. The iron clenched fist shall be unclenched (Russia?)
  • {Dec 30 & 31, 2020: 2 days straight of earthquakes. 1 in Croatia and the other in San Francisco}

3/23/20 The nations who hold Christians in captivity will release their grip on them:

  1. I keep seeing (in the spirit) a burst, a pressure release. Like a mountain or containment burst. I think it’s a physical picture of the release of the persecuted Christians.
  2. Only with mine eyes shalt I behold/look and see the reward of the wicked. (Psalm 91:8)
  3. The day of Haman draws near.
  • {Rivers have turned red in China as of August 2020) (8/10/2020 It is still flooding in China. Now there is a bluebonnet plague outbreak in one of the cities.}

4/28/20 Truth will set us Free:

  1. The wicked is in disarray and they don’t realize that it is God doing it
  2. Trump is from the beginning seeking out and setting the captive children free (I think this is referencing sex trafficking)
  • {Sept 21, 2020: The US Marshals Service located 39 missing Georgia children over 2 weeks through Operation Not Forgotten. These recovery cases were some of the most at-risk and challenging in the area.}

4/29/20 A mass exit from religion

  1. Church halting between 2 opinions
  2. Things cannot go back to normal for the Church.
  3. We must not continue in pride, and worshiping God plus religion, mammon and other idols, etc.
  4. They are trying to take the nations that God birthed out of His hands, but they will not succeed
  5. Dems are doing what they purposed at their beginning: to destroy and devour

6/2/2020:  There’s a plot to steal the election


  1. The multitude of children that will be set free from captivity and the mass of people who will be disappointed by their religion will need righteous comforters.
  2. The gods of racism and abortion must come down.
  3. Cleansing the US government and religious government with hyssop
  4. The evil going on in government parallels with evil going on in the churches.
  • {Sept. 21, 2020The US Marshals Service located 39 missing Georgia children over 2 weeks through Operation Not Forgotten. These recovery cases were some of the most at-risk and challenging in the area.”}

6/4/2020:  The wicked seem to be prospering and not being held accountable.

  1. God’s answer: “The higher they are, the further they drop when they fall.”

6/5/2020:  Foundation of the wicked shall be removed

  1. The Battle is the Lords
  2. What does one do when they are falling? They scream! This is why the wicked are rioting and raging. (Psalm 2:1-3)
  3. Assassination plot against President.

6/6/2020:  Pastors must preach for His glory not for the Benjamin’s ($$$)

6/14/2020:  When the wickedness of their Pastors is revealed where will they go?

  1. Is the church prepared?

6/15/2020:  France? Something is about to be revealed; something going on in France.

6/16/2020: Manhole? I see the cover removed. Something/someone opening a manhole or ascending from a manhole.

  1. The wicked are being made ready for the fate of the swine
  2. They have chosen their god. They have bowed their knee.
  3. The wicked shall mourn. The righteous shall rejoice!
  4. The Lord has revealed their (the wicked and donkeys) lunacy
  5. “The wicked will be overcome not by might but by My Spirit,” saith the Lord.

6/22/2020:  I see white Mask/s being removed.

  1. Hypocrites revealed
  2. False Prophets revealed
  3. Deceivers revealed
  4. Darkness behind the mask exposed
  • {John Bolton shows his true colors as he released a book after stepping down from Trump Administration.
  • {July 2: It was reported that 43 former staffers of George Bush have come out in support of Joe Biden.}
  • {October 2020: President Trump announced that papers will; be released unredacted which will result in unmasking.}

6/23/2020:  I see a White round face man’s evil discovered and exposed.

  1. Fox
  2. The fox will be discovered and with that so will the fox’s whole den
    1. a. Today: July 1, 2020: I had thought maybe Fox was the name of a person, however, I started turning to Fox News Network every day in case it referred to the network. Lo and behold, 11 minutes ago a news anchor on Fox News channel was fired because of sexual misconduct. I don’t know if this is a valid complaint, but, could this be what the Lord was showing me? The whole den??? (This may be just the beginning)
  • { “Fox News internal memo: “On Thursday, June 25, we received a complaint about Ed Henry from a former employee’s attorney involving willful sexual misconduct in the workplace years ago… Based on investigative findings, Ed has been terminated.” July 1 2020 }

3. Hidden abused children discovered and rescued

  • {July 2, 2020, They arrested Maxine, Epstein’s partner in sexually assaulting teenage girls.}
  • {July 17, 2020 Three people from the Washington redskins football organization resigned amidst allegations of 14 women about the men’s sexual misconduct.}  

4. Mass arrests

5. He whom the Son has set free is free indeed.

a. When children of Israel were set free were they called Egyptians?

b. When Lincoln signed Emancipation Proclamation were they afterwards called slaves or freed?

c. God has made you free why take on the names of idol worshiping ancestors of Africa?

When we do, we give opening to the devil: for persecution, manipulation and idolatry.

d. Whom God set free name has been changed from slave to free man.

Name your children after free men so that they walk as free men not as bound.

6/24/2020:  I see Doors Opening.

  1. Not doors of opportunity but, doors revealing the darkness behind them
  2. Including the doors in churches