What the LORD told and showed me.

Year 2020 will be Time of Mourning and Time of Joy

  1. Their nakedness will be manifest or revealed
  2. Every evil plot will boomerang back to them
  3. A Shaking
  4. A Dismantling
  5. The righteous shall reap the riches of the wicked
  6. Wicked leaders shall devour themselves
  7. Everywhere in the world Trump prophesies, Christ will be glorified
  8. I see waving of God’s Hand over nations
  9. The enemy’s plot: those who have plotted evil shall end as Haman’s plot did.
  10. The iron clenched fist shall be unclenched (Russia?)
  • {Dec 30 & 31, 2020: 2 days straight of earthquakes. 1 in Croatia and the other in San Francisco}

3/23/20 The nations who hold Christians in captivity will release their grip on them:

  1. I keep seeing (in the spirit) a burst, a pressure release. Like a mountain or containment burst. I think it’s a physical picture of the release of the persecuted Christians.
  2. Only with mine eyes shalt I behold/look and see the reward of the wicked. (Psalm 91:8)
  3. The day of Haman draws near.
  • {Rivers have turned red in China as of August 2020) (8/10/2020 It is still flooding in China. Now there is a bluebonnet plague outbreak in one of the cities.}

4/28/20 Truth will set us Free:

  1. The wicked is in disarray and they don’t realize that it is God doing it
  2. Trump is from the beginning seeking out and setting the captive children free (I think this is referencing sex trafficking)
  • {Sept 21, 2020: The US Marshals Service located 39 missing Georgia children over 2 weeks through Operation Not Forgotten. These recovery cases were some of the most at-risk and challenging in the area.}

4/29/20 A mass exit from religion

  1. Church halting between 2 opinions.
  2. Things cannot go back to normal for the Church.
  3. We must not continue in pride, and worshiping God plus religion, mammon and other idols, etc.
  4. They are trying to take the nations that God birthed out of His hands, but they will not succeed.
  5. Dems are doing what they purposed at their beginning: to destroy and devour.


6/2/2020: There’s a plot to steal the election


  1. The multitude of children that will be set free from captivity and the mass of people who will be disappointed by their religion will need righteous comforters.
  2. The gods of racism and abortion must come down.
  3. Cleansing the US government and religious government with hyssop
  4. The evil going on in government parallels with evil going on in the churches.
  • {Sept. 21, 2020The US Marshals Service located 39 missing Georgia children over 2 weeks through Operation Not Forgotten. These recovery cases were some of the most at-risk and challenging in the area.”}

6/4/2020:  The wicked seem to be prospering and not being held accountable.

  1. God’s answer: “The higher they are, the further they drop when they fall.”

6/5/2020:  Foundation of the wicked shall be removed

  1. The Battle is the Lords
  2. What does one do when they are falling? They scream! This is why the wicked are rioting and raging. (Psalm 2:1-3)
  3. Assassination plot against President.


  1. Pastors must preach for His glory not for the Benjamin’s ($$$)


  1. When the wickedness of their Pastors is revealed where will they go?
  2. Is the church prepared?


  1. France? Something is about to be revealed; something going on in France.

6/16/2020: Manhole? I see the cover removed. Something/someone opening a manhole or ascending from a manhole.

  1. The wicked are being made ready for the fate of the swine
  2. They have chosen their god. They have bowed their knee.
  3. The wicked shall mourn. The righteous shall rejoice!
  4. The Lord has revealed their (the wicked and donkeys) lunacy
  5. “The wicked will be overcome not by might but by My Spirit,” saith the Lord.

6/22/2020:  I see white Mask/s being removed.

  1. Hypocrites revealed
  2. False Prophets revealed
  3. Deceivers revealed
  4. Darkness behind the mask exposed
  • {John Bolton shows his true colors as he released a book after stepping down from Trump Administration.
  • {July 2: It was reported that 43 former staffers of George Bush have come out in support of Joe Biden.}
  • {October 2020: President Trump announced that papers will; be released unredacted which will result in unmasking.}

6/23/2020:  I see a White round face man’s evil discovered and exposed.

  1. Fox
  2. The fox will be discovered and with that so will the fox’s whole den
    1. a. Today: July 1, 2020: I had thought maybe Fox was the name of a person, however, I started turning to Fox News Network every day in case it referred to the network. Lo and behold, 11 minutes ago a news anchor on Fox News channel was fired because of sexual misconduct. I don’t know if this is a valid complaint, but, could this be what the Lord was showing me? The whole den??? (This may be just the beginning)
  • { “Fox News internal memo: “On Thursday, June 25, we received a complaint about Ed Henry from a former employee’s attorney involving willful sexual misconduct in the workplace years ago… Based on investigative findings, Ed has been terminated.” July 1 2020 }

3. Hidden abused children discovered and rescued

  • {July 2, 2020, They arrested Maxine, Epstein’s partner in sexually assaulting teenage girls.}
  • {July 17, 2020 Three people from the Washington redskins football organization resigned amidst allegations of 14 women about the men’s sexual misconduct.}  

4. Mass arrests

5. He whom the Son has set free is free indeed.

a. When children of Israel were set free were they called Egyptians?

b. When Lincoln signed Emancipation Proclamation were they afterwards called slaves or freed?

c. God has made you free why take on the names of idol worshiping ancestors of Africa?

When we do, we give opening to the devil: for persecution, manipulation and idolatry.

d. Whom God set free name has been changed from slave to free man.

Name your children after free men so that they walk as free men not as bound.

6/24/2020:  I see Doors Opening.

  1. Not doors of opportunity but, doors revealing the darkness behind them
  2. Including the doors in churches

6/25/2020:  Our gifts are as the Word of God: a Two Edged Sword

  1. A tool to advance the Kingdom of God and glorify Him. Our weapon to be victorious over the enemies of righteousness.
  2. They (M. O. for exp.) go before God in prayer arrogantly.
  3. An angel from heaven has been dispatched and assigned to be present in Trump’s office.  
  4. There will be preachers who boldly start speaking out the truth.


  1. Just because they took His name out of their platform, they (Dems) foolishly think God does not exist.
  2. They don’t even know that God is directing this movie.

6/27/2020:  God uses the unlikely to accomplish His will

  1. Novices and/or unknown pastors will lead
  2. No longer will the “superstar televangelist” lead.

6/28/2020:  Our God is raising up a huge number of young generations of warriors.


  1. Our thoughts are not God’s thoughts. Our ways are not God’s ways.
  2. We will be asking where is…? And we will not be able to answer. They will be in jail or in some way taken out of circulation because of their evil actions.
  3. The women of the view will be silenced
  4. The Lord will suddenly eradicate the virus here and leaders of nations will marvel and ask how? They will marvel at POTUS and leave as Queen Sheba left after she talked/visited King Solomon

God has 300 spiritual warriors (the remnant), as Gideon had, in every city ready to defeat the enemies of righteousness. They will cause the unrighteous to devour themselves.


  1. Kenyan West will produce a great harvest of young people. He will change the music industry.
  2. Actors and entertainers which God has elevated will change the face of the industry including the news and social media. a. They will use their prosperity to pull it off. b. They will make movies.
  3. The time of Haman is near.


  1. Just as it was shocking that Ed Henry (Fox News Anchor) was fired for sexual misconduct, it will be shocking as some well-known pastors are exposed.

2. There are demonic angels on the steps and on the grounds of the Whitehouse. (I pray that they be blinded, confused, rendered powerless and defeated by the host of heaven)

a. {On July 3rd and 4th, the Armed force air squadron known as Blue Angels followed (flew over) POTUS everywhere he went.}

3. While the voice of the adversary is speaking loudly and attention is on the lawless, the righteous are quietly moving in position as Gideon’s army to shout and surprise those who war against righteousness. The outcome will be the same. Righteousness will prevail. (Judges 7)

4. Pray for the misguided televangelist.

7/04/2020: I see broken:

  1. In Pieces; glass pieces?
  2. Scattered
  3. When come back together they won’t be together
  4. I see people in cells (prison?)

7/05/2020: This is as the days of Elijah on Mt Carmen

  • also as the days of David in the valley defeating Goliath.
  1. The children and youth will defeat the giant. They will use child’s weapon or method.
  2. Trump, like Moses is an unlikely deliverer but God’s anointed.


  1. They have been made to be their own camouflage. While they do their evil, DOJ is quietly exposing their wickedness.
  2. They (CHAZ) want their own country. A place has been prepared. It was prepared approximately 16 years ago. (Gitmo) Who will rule there?


  1. The wicked are assembling for an ambush: the righteous are gathering quietly to entrap them.
  2. Man is created in God’s image; God is not created in man’s image.

7/08/2020:  Upgrade

  1. Every time the deceptive media, like Don Lemon,’ have interviewed someone with sound thinking they have been warned. Their guests have been the warning signs that “the road is out ahead, don’t go around the barricades.”
  2. Just as Trump is revitalizing and upgrading the military and military weapons so is God revamping and upgrading the remnant, the warriors He has anointed and appointed to help him overthrow the evil and deceptive.


  1. Gods’ ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts, and our thoughts are not His. (Isaiah 55:8)
  2. Trump indeed prophesied over this nation: This is a nation that bows to no one but God.
  3. Don’t just turn them off or tune them out, pray for ministers who have errored in prophesy and who seek personal prosperity more than the growth of the kingdom of God.
  4. Pray for the sellout Christians and even those who are anti-Christ. 

7/11/2020: Pray

  1. Prophesy the goodness of the Lord.
  2. Words create…
  3. Pray according to the prophesy God has given.


  1. There will be disappearances (flee) and deaths (suicides?). a,Some will blame the deaths on the results of COVID 19.
  2. The people will mourn but the victims will rejoice.
  • {July 12-, 2020 There have been unexpected deaths almost every day since this prophesy (accidents, murders, suicides, unexplained?) of rich young stars in the movie and business industries.}


  1. Each day there will be light revealing the darkness.
  2. If the battle is the Lord’s, He wins! (1Samuel 17:47, 2Chronicles 20:15)


  1. What He has planned will happen according to His plan and what He said He will do will be done. (Isaiah 14:24)


  1. More of the den will be exposed.
  2. Even the trees will rejoice when the wicked is demised.


  1. Victory is near. It will be like an explosion.

7/20/2020:  Justice and Victory

  1. Justice and Victory is like a cloud the size of a fist. It is near. It will come like rain.

7/22/2020:  Cloud of Justice and Victory draws near.

  1. God has appointed a deliver. From his youth he was appointed.
  2. God’s angels along with the federal authorities clearing the streets of the wicked.
  3. Soros money: look at the leaders/heads of Drugs and human trafficking. What is he investing in and what illegal activity are those companies’ heads involved in?


  1. Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi clash/ in conflict.
  • When Hilary rises, she will fall and not rise up again.
  • Her gold shall become as dust.
  • They devour their own.

7/24/2020:  The wind of victory comes from the east and from the west

  1. Truth/victory is coming like a great storm forming over the waters

7/25/2020:  Unity

  1. Remember the prayer of Jesus, “Make them one?” (John 17:21)
  2. Denominations has been the tool of the wicked to dis-unify the church
  3. The shepherds serve two masters.
    • a. They prioritize other gods (political parties, racism, money, etc.) before God.

8/05/2020:  Break

1. The stiffer the neck, the harder the break.

8/20/2020: Italy

1. Something about to be revealed in Rome at the Vatican.

8/23/2020: Judges

  1. When the wicked die they mourn but the righteous rejoice
  2. Two Judges
    • a. Maybe 2 supreme court justices to be appointed (?)


  1. God will bring Peace and Safety


9/4/2020:  2 Judges

  1. 2 supreme court justices to be appointed at beginning of new year (Sept 18 marks the Jewish Calendar New Year 5780, Rosh Hashanah)
  2. Every foreign leader will leave the oval office with an unusual feeling because of the anointed atmosphere. They will leave with a different perspective and knowledge that the God of America is the true God.
  3. Those who have expressed their hope in America will reap the desires of their heart. The nations will be chanting “Yeshua!” as they have been chanting “USA!”
  • {Friday, September 18, 2020 6:30pm: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the enigmatic, longtime Supreme Court justice who attained near cult-like status among progressive circles, died Friday at the age of 87 from complications surrounding metastatic pancreatic cancer. }

9/7/2020: Justice and Righteousness

  1. 2 Judges
    a. Today a video was tweeted from a web news media saying that Supreme Court Judge Roberts was seen in photos with Epstein and has probably been being blacked mail into making some decisions.
    b. Sept. 21, 2020 : Trump Says He Will Announce His Third SCOTUS Pick on Friday or Saturday after RBG’s Funeral
    c. Sept 26,2020 : President Trump on Saturday announced he has chosen Amy Coney Barrett as his pick to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — a move that could significantly shift the nation’s highest court to the right if she’s confirmed by the Senate.
  2. A ram shall be raised up. The ram will have large horns and carry a sword with which will drive out/defeat the false prophets/false shepherds and return the church back to the house of prayer
  3. All that they have stolen shall be restored.
  4. Hillary, Bill, Obama will come to justice.
  5. Pit must be enlarged to fit the swelled heads of the arrogant.

9/8/2020: Justice

  1. Clintons and Obama will come to justice
    • Today a video was tweeted that showed Obama admitting several times that he was not born in the United States. Hussein was not born here…

9/9/2020: Judges

  1.  Today at 1:42pm the President announced: “I will be announcing a list of future potential Supreme Court Justices at 3:30 P.M. Eastern from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House.”

9/17/2020: God will avenge…

  1. God will avenge the children and Senior citizens
  2. The church in China will be released and prevail
  3. The CCP will destroy themselves
  4. The CCP will know the defeat of Pharaoh
  5. Dems shall be humbled

9/21/2020: Resurrection and Restoration

  1. Saints around the world are praying for the U.S. and President Trump
  2. Upon POTUS’ victory there will be celebration around the world as well as in the U.S.
  3. Celebration will outnumber protest

9/22/2020: Robe being removed

  1. Someone removing their robe
  2. Person or persons with Illegitimate authority stripped of their position
  3. God did not anoint them, they took the robe; like the king took the vessels from the temple of God and he and his guest drank from them (Daniel 5).


  1. Treasure unearthed/exposed


I see a man clothed in light, but he is a fraud.

  1. All will be shocked, even the President, even the AG
  2. A ship, a boat. It is hiding victims of trafficking

9/27/2020: Reporter

  1. A Reporter knows about the corruption. They have all the details and the names of the corrupt written in a book/ notebook. He has kept records.
  2. After election, the outspoken Black government leaders will begin to go silent. There will begin to be Democrat leaders (congressmen) resigning. They will say it’s because of Trump’s victory but, it will be because of their possible implication in government corruption indictments.

9/29/2020: Resignations

  1. There will be another whistleblower

a. Before Barr releases reports, there will be someone who will public confess/reveal the corruption/conspiracy that took place during the Obama administration and/or in the Department of justice
b. There will be private courts and then there will be resignations

  1. Silence
    a. The voices like the View will be stunned. The truth will be exposed. They will become speechless
    b. The deceptive voices, the View, Media will go silent

9/30/2020: Truth. God is not author of confusion

  1. What is truth, God is truth; “I am truth”
  2. He does not speak in confusing words.
    • a. He does not say, “Choose Life or death, or both.”
    • b. He does not say “I created them male and female, now choose which you will be”
    • c. He is not a God who speaks according to the way of the wind.
  3. Woe unto those who bring into their pulpits thieves like Sharpton, who say I have called them, teaching demonic doctrine.
    • a. Woe unto the wolves disguised as shepherds.
    • b. Sheep, when you see it is a wolf flee and find the good shepherd.
    • c. “I have not called you to seek the favor and to please a pastor or a deacon.  I have called you to seek a relationship with Me and to please Me.”
  4. “Choose whether I am your God. Worship Me, not man, or Mary, or images of stone…”


10/1/2020: Silence. 

  1. They will say delay the report because of the names, but the Lord says, “Nay.” Release the report.
  2. Woe to those who are not punished by man, or they will face the awful wrath of God which is greater than that of man.
  3. There will be a silence. The prophets/voice of the demonic doctrine will go silent because they will tremble
  4. They will be speechless as the truth of the corruption is revealed
  5. They will fear that their names will be brought up
  6. Their leaders will go silent for trembling and knocking of their knees. Some will try to flee and disappear for fear that their corruption/wickedness will be revealed

10/2/2020: Relationship

  1. We are to seek relationship with God more than seek  relationship with celebrity preachers or pastors
  2.  We are to seek favor with God more than favor with pastors and celebrity preachers
  3. Preachers and pastors are called to seek His favor and a relationship with Him; seek His face not riches or favor of the flock.
  4. We are not to put the Word of God upon a mantle or on display. We are to consume it as bread so that we abide in it and His Word abides in us.
  5. If they were seeking a relationship with Him and His pleasure more than seeking a relationship and seeking the pleasure of the preacher/pastor they would not continue to stay in a church lead by a false shepherd.

10/3/2020: Resurrection

  1. President will recover. Like Lazarus he will step out. He will be unbound and unencumbered.
    • President Trump could be released from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as soon as Monday, his medical team said in an update Sunday to members of the White House press pool
    • President scheduled to go back to White House Monday October 5, 3030 at 5:30pm eastern time
    • Wednesday, Oct 7, 2020 White House physician says Trump reporting ‘no symptoms’ of COVID-19
  2. He will emerge as a giant killer.
  3. They will become anxious. They had tried everything, but he is still here.
  4. They foolishly do not know that it is God that is keeping him. When he recovers it will encourage the people of God. But the wicked will begin to craft another plot.
  5. The virus was planted, but the one will be as one who prepared the poison; their hand was exposed to the poison.
  6. They neutralize POTUS’ general (Flynn) but he will be revived and reap the spoils.

10/4/2020: Time to change

  1. All this time has been opportune time for those called by His name to seek and know His heart and His pleasure.
  2. They consider not His thoughts and separate God from their thoughts on politics.
  3. How do they consider not the life of the womb when God is the giver of life?
  4. How do they consider not Freedom when God is the giver of Freedom?
  5. There is time, “As I have turned the heathen so shall I turn the minds of those called by My name”
  6. You shall see a change, there will be a turn.

10/6/2020: Cupbearer

  1. “Yes I have called them, but they have become Waiters and Caterers.”
  2. They (Fence walking pastors, preachers) prepare food to the taste of the diners, but they do not eat the food themselves.” Psalm 34:8 “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusts in Him.”
  3. “I have called them to be Nehemiah’s; cupbearers not Caterers. Cupbearers taste the wine before serving the wine to the king.”
  4. Did I not say, “I am that bread of life… I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eats of this bread, he shall live forever…?” John 6:48-58  

10/7/2020:“Like a mother bear fights and protects its cub so will I be for My church.”

  1. “How is it that they do not consider Me in life or politics and then acknowledge My sovereignty after the election?”
  2. I had my 3rd dream about being back in the church building. However they were still practicing social distance (this is the 3nd time seeing them practicing social distancing. In 1 dream it was packed and there was no social distancing that I could see).

10/9/2020:Righteous vs Wicked

  1. Pence and Harris demonstrated to us how the child of God slayed the child of the devil
  2. The debate showed how greater is He in us than he that is in the world. Pence caused the enemy to become small and speechless.
  3. The debate lets us know that the righteous will/has trample the young lion and dragon under their feet


  1. Trump who has shown a light on the darkness of government, has also brought light onto the ‘church’ leadership.
  2. There will be leaders of the religious community who will speak against him. Beware, for they fear that there wickedness will be revealed.
  3. These are preachers and pastors who treasure prestige and favor of man. They love the material things and the praises of man.
  4. They will publicly come out choosing death over life.
    • October: 13, 2020 A group of religious leaders announced that they are Pro-lifers for Biden

10/11/2020:Buried Mud Exposed, 21

  1. Obama exposed
  2. The Religious and deceived leaders will be like silly women trying to help him escape, he will face justice
  3. I dreamed that Biden was complaining. He was complaining to me that he was being harassed about something. He didn’t want our people or members of our group to come around anymore.
  4. There was something about mud…burying the mud or burying /hiding something in the mud.
  • a. Then Obama came and whatever was in the mud was his or he had something to do with it. I think there was one or two things hidden in the mud or it was two slabs of mud. (Don’t remember).
  • b. The women slept through it all. But then they woke up but still a little daze. They said that they would drive Obama. He knew where the hidden was and he was going to recover it (I thought). Then he was in the car with a suitcase in his hand. There were women in the car. He said little if anything. He just smiled. The women smiled and the woman driving was laughing after she said something witty. They insisted on helping him to get to where he needed to go. They were taking him to the airport (I think).
  • c. There something about 21. I don’t know if it was his flight number or …
    • 21 is a number of days. Realized that this is a prophetic dream: Joe Biden and his brother and son were taking money from China and other countries. The mud was the compromising position Joe Biden has been in; he was on the take. The family is corrupt.
    • October 14, 2020:  A bombshell report published by the New York Post reveals new emails showing how Hunter Biden introduced a Ukrainian businessman to his father while serving as Vice President of the United States. Though Joe Biden said he never talked to son about his Ukrainian business, Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad.
    • https://t.co/vAFxvJabq4 pic.twitter.com/mN0eJBPG2g -New York Post (@nypost)  “Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company,” reports the NY Post.
    • There are reports that Ben Laden’s location was hidden by Bush and Obama administration. And that it was Ben Laden’s double that was killed by Obama Administration and that $150 million was payoff to Iran to keep the secret. I Haven’t heard anything official yet.

10/13/2020: LION and EAGLE

  1. The deceivers are camouflaged in the forest.
  2. They have set a net (I see a dark green net in the ground in the midst of a dense forest), a trap, a snare but, the Lion and the Eagle will cause them to be ensnared by their own traps.
  3. The Lion and the Eagle will prevail.

10/14/2020: Swift moving Angel of Justice moving fast/speedily

  1. A giant angel so huge that I could only see his torso (shoulder to near waist) with gold or bronze body armor or breast plate on.
  2. He was moving fast/swiftly swinging a huge shiny sword.

a. Swift justice is coming

b. Justice is racing towards…

3. “They have been weighed in the balances and found wanting.”

4. It is God’s mercy that they come to justice on this side. “Woe to those who do not face justice on this side.”

5. When justice comes there will be mourning (groaning?), because the people had been deceived. They will be shocked at what will be unveiled of what they had done.

Today: Mark Taylor@patton6966  – “The revealing of Benghazi, 152 billion to Iran, Seal team 6, what our leaders did to us and our great military will be a tipping point for the people crying out for Justice to be done!”

10/15/2020: Shock

  1. Things are going to be exposed that will be shocking to even the media.
  2. They will become speechless.
  3. The people will turn to the media to hear the news and will become outraged that the media does not report it. They will abandon CNN and the others because they have heard the truth but those news outlets are saying nothing about it.
  4. The news media is speechless because they cannot defend those they had been protecting for this shocking offense.
  5. The women will abandon The View when any of the women try to justify the shocking offense.

Today: Twitter and Facebook have locked/blocked any reference to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s deception

10/16/2020: I See a Lid Removed

  1. When Trump wins, the Iranians and China will want to make a deal.
  2. Trump will persuade the nations to restrain China’s and Iran’s ability to prosper
  3. Iran will see that Kerry is a betrayer and threaten exposure but the money people will be restrained from getting the money to Iran.
  4. “Ha! Truth will come out of Iran.”
  • Iranians will seek to make a deal with Trump. They will summon/call Sectary of State Pompeii
  • A whistleblower out of Iran will blow the lid off
  1. The nations will retaliate against China. The nations will come against China, but it will be God that does it.

10/17/2020 (Sat): Victory and Chaos

  1. When Victory is given to Trump the people will rejoice
  2. There will be mass arrest the day before and the day of November 3rd.
  • The people who have been hired by the wicked will be held by Federal officials
  • Their benefactors will hear silence. They will be puzzled because their plot/wicked scheme is not happening.
  • They will not be able to bail them out because some will be held without bail and because their benefactors bank account will not be accessible; DOJ knows who they are and froze their access.
  1. Indictments coming
  2. Resignations and fleeing the country
  • Some will say it’s because Trumps’ victory but it will also be because they fear exposure and indictment.
  1. The people will rejoice but the wicked will rage and stir trouble
  • Prepare to stay in. This (virus) has gotten you prepared to shelter in place.

Confirmation: https://youtu.be/1x4SET8APmw

10/18/2020 (Sun): Victory and Chaos

10/19/2020 (Mon): Pushing Back the Darkness

  1. The light is coming
  2. The darkness will be removed and light will encamp around the White House.
  • The wicked exposed and removed
  1. There will be/are preacher, pastors, teachers, celebrity pastors, preacher and teachers who will come against this President because their prophesy of gloom and doom and judgement was wrong.
  • They are like weathermen who predict the weather but do not know the Creator of the wind and the rain.
  1. “I have told you that there will those saying I have preached, I have healed in Your name, but I will tell them to depart from me I know you not. These people will be exposed now.”
  • Note: I think that this gives them time to repent and get right with God.

10/20/2020 (Tues): Flight

  1. Why did they not close Gitmo? …maybe because they will be occupants
  2. They have already written their letters of resignation
  3. They’re waiting to see the outcome of election
  4. They will resign and take flight to avoid coming to justice
  5. “Did I not warn them that they should not harm these little ones?”
  6. “Surely I will avenge for what they have done to my little ones”
  7. It is the grace and mercy of God that man brings them to justice, for the justice of God is eternal.

10/21/2020 (Tues): A Call to Repentance

  1. “Why does the sheep appoint the Shepherd?”
  2. God called all to repentance, yet these preachers do not repent
  3. They support the murderous. They call upon their sheep to also. They confuse the sheep
  4. They consider His Word a Text Book and they do not know the Author
  5. Their lamp shall be removed
  6. As darkness is removed from Washington DC, so shall it be removed from the “Church House.”

10/29/2020 (W): Cleansing / Washing

  1. There will be a cleansing a washing in all 3 branches of government

10/30/2020 (W): Confirmation Anointed Deliverer

  1. Trump determined to stop killing babies
  2. Has been rescuing the children from the day he took office
  3. Trump setting prisoners free

10/31/2020 (W): Justice

  1. Trump setting unjustly incarcerated prisoners free
  2. People will be brought to justice
  3. See how the leaders in Michigan failed in attempt to suppress and thwart the momentum from seeing President Trump, but failed.
  4. This is a glimpse of what will happen in the election. They are trying everything to thwart the number of votes, but the numbers will turn out for him anyway.
  5. The plans for Dems will backfire. The majority of votes will be fraudulent, but it will not matter because most of the Dems will not vote.
  6. All that the Dems will do will backfire. As they contest the election their deceptive and fraudulent voting will be exposed.
  7. There will be rejoicing


11/01/2020 (Su): Resurrection Power

  1. It will be resurrection power that raises Trump to victory.
  2. 3 days
  3. How many points do the polls have Trump under Biden? Prepare for the resurrection.
  4. There will be rejoicing

11/04/2020 (Thu): Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord

  1. It will be resurrection power that raises Trump to victory.

11/06/2020 (Fri): Have Faith in God and Give Him Praise

  1. It will be resurrection power that raises Trump to victory.
  2. Let your praise go before the Lord as Jehoshaphat did before the battle because he knew that God would perform victory.  (2 Chronicles 20:19)
  3. Praise God because the Victory is already written in heaven.

Confirmation: by Kevin Zadai https://youtu.be/jICTgUioYDA

11/07/2020 (Sa):? Restoration?

  1. There will be whistleblowers
  2. The Lord will restore that which has been stolen

11/08/2020 (S): ?Restoration ?

  1. “My nation will not be stolen by they who have stolen my little ones and robbed the womb”
  2. They shall be as the giant, Goliath; they shall fall and all their siblings also.
  3. While the righteous rest, the thieves, priests, and children of the devil shall not rest.
  4. The ones who did the deed are even now tormented for guilt and fear of discovery. They have no rest, no peace.
  5. Some who have conspired against the nation and harmed the children, they have left the country because they are treasonous and treacherous. But they will be brought to justice.
  6. Gitmo will be where they are housed.
  7. Obama did not close Gitmo. It is as Haman’s gallows.

11/09/2020 (M): Whistle Blowers

  1. They will come forth.
  2. The hunter will make a deal. He will do anything for the right price.
  3. Those who supported Biden will regret and become angry as they, their deception and manipulation is exposed. (even the perverted will be angry)

11/10/2020 (T): Spoils

  1. Woe to the Doubting Preachers and prophets who prophesy a lie
  2. They will not receive the spoils
  3. They will see their riches given to the least of them

11/11/2020 (W): Cleansing

  1. As the thieves are cast out of the Whitehouse, so will they be cast out of the church.
  2. In the same way that Jesus cast the den of thieves out of the temple. (Matthew 21:12)

11/12/2020 (Th): Overflow

  1. They make haste and come to the red sea in their iron wheels and horse power. “The sea which I have made shall overflow them.
  2. The technology they used to steal, destroy and deceive the people shall become the spoil.
  3. It will be taken from their hands (google, twitter, Facebook, news media…) and given to the righteous.

11/13/2020 (F): Swift Victory

  1. Prepare for Celebration. Begin celebration now because Victory comes swiftly
  2. There will be a new light over the Whitehouse. The light of the glory of God.
  3. There will be a new light over the nation
  4. Trump has prepared the way with the changing of leadership
  5. There will be Peace and Safety
  6. Woe unto the wicked that remain and make haste to riot for they will reap.
    • They have stirred up hornets
    • Terror shall be their bread

11/14/2020 (S): Drivers

  1. There shall be a light over D.C. Over the Whitehouse. It shall be the glory of the Lord.

11/15/2020 (Su): Ladder

  1. They build a ladder but it will not ascend in will be level to the ground and will be abase
  2. “The liars who have conspired with demons to steal from My hands; they shall surrender their job as spoil to the righteous”

11/16/2020 (M): Small. One Peg/pin/key

  1. The giant will lose his head (Cut off) and feet taken from beneath/ The giant will lose its footing or feet
  2. AG will turn the knob the right door. The clue, the exposure of evil will result from AG discovering a small non- obvious thing. It will lead to the exposure/ uncover of the evil and wickedness which has been hidden

11/18/2020 (W): Evidence. God is not mocked

  1. A huge white 18 wheeler moving
  2. A moving van full of evidence of fraud and theft.

NOV 19: In press conference, Sidney Powel said that in the middle of night Demoncrats brought in Truck Loads of false ballots for Joe Biden where Trump was winning.

  1. The wicked has no idea where it is or the trod of evidence it contains
  2. Obama
    • “I will not be mocked”
    • He will see justice. His wickedness will be exposed.
    • Gitmo be prepared

11/20/2020 (F): Victory is here! Victory is here!

  1. Those who have conspired to steal and deceive will reap

11/21/2020 (S): Water pouring out of Darkness

  1. A water fall or water spewing out/ powering out
  2. Evidence? Whistleblowers?
  3. Like Niagara falls , truth will come out

11/22/2020 (Su): Dark Cover Pulled Back!

  1. The Lord is pulling back, pulling back and pulling back the cover of Darkness like a black blanket (Exposing the wickedness)
  2. All the earth is watching to see if God will deliver this nation. They all shall see His glory. He will be glorified. And all the nations will know that He is the true God of America and Israel.

11/23/2020 (M): I See a Swinging Sickle

  1. Cutting the wheat
  2. The Harvest (Joel 3:13)
  3. Exposing the chaff?
  4. The wicked will be exposed
    • They rest, thinking the deed is done and all is well while the gallows are being made. But, the gallows are being made ready for themselves.

11/24/2020 (Tu):  Ambush is ready

  1. “Ha! They arrogantly think they have successfully stolen. They do not know that it is I who shall recover that which is stolen. Gitmo prepare and make ready…”
  2. “I have drawn them into the water” (Exodus 14:23)

11/25/2020 (W):  Great Celebration

  1. “Recovery and restoration will come quickly.
  2. Things will begin to move fast.

11/26/2020 (Th):  Praises & Thanksgiving 

  1. Praises always goes before the Victory.
  2. Ha! While they make their plans to rule what they stole the Lord with His hand will recover all they have stolen.
  3. He will take from their hands and then snare them in the net He has spread out for them.
  4. They will be overflowed. (Exodus 14:27)
  5. The ambush is set.

11/27/2020 (F):  Samuel Spirit 

  1. The preachers will not shoot their arrows in abundance according to the power of God. They only shoot as much as man will allow because they fear man more than God.
  2. They will be removed and replaced with Spirit of Samuel
  3. They will no longer lead, the congregation will
  4. There are preachers planted by CIA. They will be exposed.

11/28/2020 (S):  Uncovering 

  1. Layers and layers and layers of darkness being pulled back
  2. The faces of the people at the bottom of this evil against the nation will be exposed
  3. I see two faces that are white or pale faced; one thin faced and the other round faced.
  4. Even those who conspired to steal or overthrow this nation will be shocked when the ones at the bottom of it all is exposed.


12/03/2020 (Th):  Ballots

  1. White pallets. 100’s of 1,000’s of white containers of ballots stored in a warehouse
  2. Who printed the faked ballots? Who filled out the fake ballots?
  3. Someone has them stored in a warehouse
  4. The ballot transporters and hiders are coming out of the darkness
  5. When the President came out yesterday, he declared that which is established in heaven.
    • Victory is given into his hands.

12/03/2020 (F):  Ballots

  1. I see White pallets. 100’s of 1,000’s of white pallets

12/06/2020 (S):  Evidence

  1. There are more than 2 truck Drivers coming forth testifying that they drove truckloads of ballots across state lines
  2. At the border trucks have come from Canada and Mexico with ballots

12/07/2020 (M):  Grandma’s Storage Rooms

  1. Grandparents, Aunts, relatives basements, cellars and attics have boxes and trucks full of ballots hidden there by their grandchildren or nephews and nieces
  2. There are 2 other small states that will be exposed as a place where voter fraud took place.

12/09/2020 (W):  Atomic Bomb

  1. The Truth will be exposed.
  2. When the truth about the wickedness and evil in high places is exposed it will be like the explosion of the atomic bomb
  3. The ground/foundation of the Demoncratic party will shake and crack
  4. There will be a great division among the Demoncrats

12/11/2020 (F):  Shadows

  1. The Truth will be exposed.
  2. Things hidden will surface: floating to the top of rivers, cemeteries, and every place ballots have been hidden and buried.
  3. Activity going on in the shadows.
  4. DOJ will go for one purpose and discover proof of election criminal activity
  5. As flash drive was passed in illegal voting, God has a flash drive. Whistleblowers will pass flash drives with evidence of election criminal activity. Evidence will be passed in secret by people moving in the shadows.

12/12/2020 (S):  Tongues

  1. I see an Enormous Tongue
  2. Many tongues are wagging exposing the Truth.
  3. There are people across the world gathering rising up, raising their staff demanding freedom

12/13/2020 (Su):  Submarine Victory

  1. Like a submarine bursting from the waters the victorious power of God will emerge.
  2. The Victory and Salvation of the LORD will be like the time Jesus told the disciples to cast their net to the other side of the boat and there was so much fish that it nearly broke the net and almost tumbled the boat over.   (Luke 5)

12/14/2020 (M):  Key

  1. I see: Strange shaped key: flat rectangle with a V shape on one end.
    • a. It was a key to a door.
    • b. The door is opened and full of light hidden inside. (I didn’t see a knob, but it was a door)
    • c. A safe big as a door. It’s a room safe, maybe a vault.
  2. They think that their secrets are hidden behind the door and the safe. But God laughs at them.
    • a. “They think they can hide things behind a close door; I am He that spoke light into the darkness.”
  3. The Lord will open the door and light up the hidden.

12/15/2020 (Tu):  Sepulcher/coffin

  1. The wicked are as open white washed open sepulcher full of dead men’s bones.
  2. The sepulcher will be opened from the inside and revealed that it is full of dead men bones.
  3. The wicked will observe who is in the sepulcher will not be what they expected. Instead of a life treasure, it will be a skeleton of the dead.

12/18/2020 (F):  Backup Drive in the Clouds

  1. The wicked think they have cleaned their computers and their hard drive, but it has been backed up in heaven.
  2. It will be exposed. There is always a backup

12/20/2020 (Su):  Torment

  1. The wicked’s every waking and sleeping moments shall be filled with fear and trembling because of nightmares of their evil deed being uncovered.

12/21/2020 (M):  Wind and Fire

  1. The fire of God’s heaven shall come down on the wicked.
  2. The Wind is blowing causing a disturbance in the camp of the wicked
  3. The wind of rumors
  4. See how they continue to perpetuate a lie? They will be stripped of their technologies riches.

12/23/2020 (W):  Giants Have Fallen

  1. They are planning their victory party but it is really their plans for their demise as Haman plans for victory was really a plan for his own gallows.
  2. Trump is dismissing people as Gideon dismissed until he was left with 300 loyal brave

12/25/2020 (F):  Beware Trusting in Time more than the words of the Prophet

  1. While the world slept The Christ Child, The Savior Redeemer, was born.
  2. When the Men arrived from the East, the King was already born.
  3. The angels filled the sky. Celebrate as heaven did for Joy should fill our hearts.

12/26/2020 (S):  Great Explosion

  1. The fall of the Wicked will be as a great explosion
  2. The Wicked will be the only ones destroyed

12/27/2020 (Su):  Turn Around

  1. I saw a turnaround; looked like a state turning around
  2. The false prophets; those who repeated lies and helped to perpetuate the theft will be speechless when the election is turned around.
  3. The glory of the Lord shall fill the earth
  4. The light of His glory that shall be upon the Whitehouse shall be a light seen around the world

12/28/2020 (M):  Great Celebration

  1. Earth cannot celebrate better than the celebration going on in heaven, but will get close
  2. Around the earth they have already started celebration
  3. It will be like 4th of July celebration

12/29/2020 (T):  Who?

  1. Justice shall come
  2. The wicked shall be exposed and their name shall be known according to their wickedness; their name shall be a verb
  3. They shall be brought to justice and some of the wicked rulers of darkness shall be as none; no one will remember their names.

12/30/2020 (W):  God is

  1. They lie and steal and boast because they foolishly don’t believe that God exist.
  2. There god is their religion
  3. “They will soon know that I (God) Am”
  4. “Woe” to those who foolishly believe that God does not exist, because when they realize that “I Am” they will experience or be experiencing the wrath (“My wrath”) of God”

12/31/2020 (T):  Shame

  1. All the earth knows, even the kings of all the nations knows that Trump won the election
  2. All the earth is waiting to see what our God will do
  3. When He comes through all the nations shall tremble
  4. They shall tremble before USA because of her God
  5. The nations shall tremble at the name of Trump because of fear of his God
  6. The liars, the thieves and killers who boast in their theft will become a shame.
    • a. Their head shall be exposed and brought to shame
    • b. They will look upon him and his name will be a shame; he will be abased
    • c. All shall wonder why he did this and he will be stripped of all honor

2021 Words of Prophesy

2021 is Year of Double Portion Increase and 7-fold Restoration


1/1/2021 (F):  HIDDEN

  1. The turning and restoration of the victory is being hidden by the devil’s media.
  2. The witches, (AC, etc.) seek whom they would devour, but their teeth are broken.
    • a. Every curse they declare shall be on them as Pharaoh’s in Egypt.

1/2/2021 (S):  Speechless

  1. When God turns it around, the thieves and killers will be speechless.
    • a. They will wonder who did this because they don’t believe God is.
    • b. Even while the whole earth will glorify God for doing it, the wicked people will not know that it was Him who thwarted their plot.
  2. The Alter is available “Repent, repent!”
    • a. The Lord calls on the wicked in high places to repent before the only time they realize God exist is too late and they experience His wrath.

1/4/2021 (M):  Tolling Bells

  1. Church Bells are ringing around the world
    •  a. Not as they rang warning the patriots that the British were coming. They are bells announcing the Victory.

1/7/2021 (Th):  Celebration

  1. I see a tremendous great Celebration around the world.
    • a. The spirit of celebration is overwhelming

1/8/2021 (F):  Day of Haman

  1. The day of Haman is near. (Esther 7:9-10)
    • a. It is closer than we think, even at the door

1/9/2021 (S):  Celebration feeling in my spirit

  1. Tremendous spirit of great Celebration!
  2. All the earth is ready to explode with celebration as they celebrated after Pharaoh’s army drowned in the Red Sea. (Exodus 15)

1/12/2021 (Tu):  Bright Light

  1. Tremendous Bright Light over the White House.
  2. The result of spiritual cleaning that God preformed.
  3. “The wicked don’t believe that I (God) exist and is moving like they don’t know the direction of the wind which kisses their cheek.
  4. All the nations shall see the wicked receive their reward and face justice as all saw Haman on his gallows.” (Esther 7:9-10)

1/13/2021 (W):  Supernatural

  1. This is the time where the supernatural move of God will not only be momentous but will be history making
  2. God’s feet are on the earth right now. Just as the ground shook and there was thunder and smoke when He stepped out on sapphire, there will be trembling as He walks upon this country. (Exodus 24:10)
  3. This is the time that just as Jesus healed the sick, so will those things begin to happen in homes, supermarkets, etc.

a. The people will not be healed when they go to church; the blind will walk in with opened eyes and the lame will walk in without a cane. It will not be the pastors but the people who will lay hands on the sick and they recover.

1/14/2021 (Th):  Mercy? Justice

  1. The Demoncrats have tried to say and believed that God is dead. When they face justice, some will beg man for mercy. Will they find mercy from man?
  2. They need to repent and beg God for mercy, but they will not as long as they are not aware that God exists.
  3. God is here (“God is fighting for us, pushing back the darkness; the devil is defeated, and I will shout out, shout it out!”)
  4. He has overcome!
  5. The Higher the arrogant; the harder, further, and faster the fall.

CONFIRMATION: https://youtu.be/73R11e5kNGk

1/17/2021 (Su):  Trumps/Shofars

  1. I see a trumpet/shofar with a gold band at the end of the instrument around the horn.
  2. The sound of victorious trump is as the rain cloud the size of fist and became a rain shower; it will be heard around the world. (1Kings 18:44)
  3. All the earth shall see the glory of God and give Him glory.
  4. There shall be great celebration over the earth, even in Iran!

1/18/2021 (M):  Justice/ The Battle is the Lord

  1. I see a battle
  2. Just as it was with Pharaoh and Pharaoh’s army, there shall not 1 escape
  3. Just as Pharaoh never realized that it was not Moses but God that he was battling against, so do the wicked; the lying thieving leaders, do not realize that they are in battle with the Lord.

1/21/2021 (Th):  Angels

  1. I see a great host of angels surrounding DC, the capitol, and the White House
  2. I see red on posts of porches and over doors.
  3. Goshen?

1/22/2021 (F):  Angels Moving

  1. I see a great host of angels ADVANCING.
  2. I see explosions in the spiritual realm.
  3. Like mortars, but the plumes are great.
  4. There is a shaking,
  5. The shaking is the feet of God moving.
  6. “As I came down to observe and disrupt the wicked plot of men at Babel, so have I come to this nation.”
  7. Like the rain that came after the prophet prophesied (1Kings 18:45) so shall the glory of God pour.
  8. As it was with Hezekiah (2Kings 19), when they wake in the morning, they will find that the angel of the Lord has smote the enemies of the righteous and this nation.
  9. “Stand still for you shall see the salvation of the Lord.”
  10. “They foolishly dare to arrogantly try to pluck My nation out of My hands.”
  11. They foolishly do not fear the God of Israel and of America.
  12. They have no rest. The reason they tremble is for fear of one another.
  13. Their demons have abandoned them.
  14. They are in confusion; they will devour one another. (Confirmation May 13, 2021: https://youtu.be/SWDmFSfm-Io)
  15. I saw Hong Kong?

1/23/2021 (Sa):  Parade

  1. Some kind of parade with a motorcade
  2. Suicides
  3. Some of the wicked will try to escape justice by committing suicide; but they will face justice at the hand of God.
  4. It would be better to face justice at the hand of man. It would give them time to repent and seek the mercy of God.
  5. Will they face justice at the hand of man?
  6. Some will try to flee, but they will not escape justice. Not one of them shall escape justice.
  7. (Even the nations shall come against them?)

1/24/2021 (S):  Army

  1. I heard; “Just as Israel was the army of the Lord, so the Army of America shall become the Army of the Lord!”

1/26/2021 (Tu):  Red Sea Moment

  1. The Red Sea Moment was as the Walls of Jericho.
  2. It was a move of God moment.
  3. It was a moment when the way of escape suddenly appeared.
  4. The pathway of escape was not built by man.
  5. They did not dig a path within the waters.
  6. The pathway was by the Spirit of God.
  7. He told Moses what He would do, just as He’s told the prophets of today what He will do.
  8. The pathway to escape was also a path to victory over their enemies
  9. When God parted the Red Sea, His people saw a pathway to freedom and escape from their enemies.
  10. Pharaoh and his army saw it as a way to overtake God’s people and destroy them.
  11. So it is today. The very path to victory for the righteous is a path to the destruction of the wicked.
  12. Where are they now?
  13. How far are they into the waters…?

(Robin D. Bullock answered this on today, but I didn’t know it until late today:  https://youtu.be/ipR3H6Ki4R8)

1/28/2021 (Th):  God will not be mocked

  1. “The wicked, the vipers and thieves; why are they content?
  2. Is it because they [think] they have taken the rule from “My anointed?”
  3. They worship their global plans more than “My Word.”
  4. “I will not be mocked!”
  5. Every one of them will face justice.”

1/30/2021 (S):  Never seen before

  1. Never had it been seen before those 3 young men come out of a fiery furnace un-scorched and unscented with the smell of smoke. (Daniel 3:23-27)
  2. Never has thieves openly steal an election in this country, but never has it been seen what the LORD will do.
  3. When He came down to see the tower of Babel, at His word the wind could have blown it down. He has come down and what He will do (topple the wicked?) we shall see. (Genesis 11:1-9)
  4. “They who have no faith do not move Me. It is those who have faith, that moves Me.”
  5. It is their cry and prayers that God hears.

1/31/2021 (Su):  Protection

  1. I see Extremely high walls of angels, like a fortress, surrounding Trump

February 2021

2/01/2021 (M):  Silence

  1. “The wicked (thieves) are trembling.
  2. Was there a silence after they put Jesus in the tomb and rolled the stone to cover?
  3. Those who were in league with the devil and plotted to kill Him, did they sleep after He was buried?
  4. 2100 troops… They placed soldiers to guard the tomb. Ha!”

2/02/2021 (T):  Walls

  1. I see giant walls of angels guarding President Trump.

2/03/2021 (W):  Exposed

  1. The Lord shall reveal the vipers/the thieves in their bed chambers
  2. He will reveal them in their bathrooms, even their dross.
  3. All the nations shall rejoice when President Trump returns to the office
  4. Even the leaders of the nations
  5. His allies do not recognize the thieves’ win
  6. China thinks that they have a hold on North Korea, but Kim has a secret plan
  7. Revival will not only happen in the tents and large assemblies.
  8. The revival spirit will reach the alleys and streets and byways.

2/04/2021 (T):  Madness

  1. There is a spirit of madness in the chambers of the White House and VP’s house