by DJ Martin (SingleFocus Ministry®)

 Super Bowl XLV has come and gone, just like the ice and snow. However, they are still talking about the Super Bowl in Cowboys Stadium.  It’s not because  it was the best Super Bowl game ever. They are still talking about it, because of controversy over the seating. Many of the fans did not get to sit though they paid for a ticket. Some of the fans drove thru the ice and snow for 27 hours to only get to the Stadium and either could not get in or could not get a seat.  Some of those who got a seat, could not see the field nor see the giant TV screen.   There was much drama on the field, but there was also a whole lot of drama off the field…

The off the field drama that especially caught my attention was the Super Bowl party which ‘the artist known as Prince’ threw at $1500 per ticket. What was perplexing was that the ‘artist known as Prince’ didn’t show up! Not only did the people buy the tickets, but they also purchased new clothes, jewelry and shoes for the event.  I mean $1500 per person, and the host, the star, didn’t show up! I wonder what kind of food was served.  No, I did not buy a ticket. I’m not one of his fans nor am I a fan of spending $1500 to go to a party!

The incident however,  reminds me of the story Jesus told His disciples in Luke 14:16-24  He said that the Kingdom of heaven is liken to a certain man who threw this huge supper.  He sent his servants to invite the VIP’s, the “best of the best” people.  He invited the type of people who could pay $1500 a head though it was free.  But each person was too busy or just gave excuses.  They would not be going to his party.  The man got angry, but determined to have the party, he sent his servants back into the streets with instruction to invite anyone and everyone.  They invited people found on the highways. They invited people who couldn’t’ afford to pay to go, let alone afford to throw a party of their own.  Those people showed up at the party.  The man had paid for the food and drink.  And he was there at the party.

One day there is going to be a great supper; a ‘out of this world’ Super Bowl Party!.  There is going to be so much food and fellowship that it will be a thousand years before the party is over. And “The Host known as “the Prince of Peace” will not only host the party, He will be at that party!  You won’t have to purchase a ticket, the Host purchased the ticket over two thousand years ago. He purchased enough tickets for all nationalities and ethnic groups. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor and you don’t have to be able to rent a limousine…  The price has been fully paid! The Host paid it ALL.  So don’t worry about pawning your jewelry; selling your car; or selling your blood.  I don’t know what time the party will start, but when His servant invited me, I RSVP’d “YES” right away!

 The price of the ticket came at a great sacrifice.  You see, the Host had to agree to endure beatings, ridicule and humiliation.  He was betrayed by a close acquaintance and turned over to law enforcement officials. He was taken from court to court (in the middle of the night)!  Some of the very people He would invite to the party denied ever knowing Him.  In order to make sure that you could be at this party with all-expense paid, this Host walked up a rugged hill with blood running down His brow.  There at the top of that hill, they put nails in His hands and nails in His feet. They raised Him up on a wooden cross and while He hung there, necked and bloody, they mocked Him.  He did all of this to purchase our spot as His guest at that great party.  He died on that cross and was buried in a borrowed tomb.  On the third day He arose from that grave with a personal ticket for each of us, having all power in His hands.  Now,  we have no excuse for not being at that “out of this world” Super Bowl Party!

Now that He is at His home, preparing that ‘Great Supper’, He has dispatched His servants all over the world, inviting every man, woman, boy and girl to this ‘out of this world Party’!  Yet some refuse to come.  You don’t have to buy new clothes; the Host has garments already prepared for you.  You don’t have to rent a limousine; He will send a ride that is faster than any Concorde plane.  And there will be kings at the table, but the King of Kings will be there to greet you.  There will be lords there, but the Lord of Lord’s will be our Host.  There will be a ‘out of this world Choir‘  providing the music.  I tell you, this is a party that you don’t won’t to miss!  Jesus Christ paid an awfully huge price to make sure you could be there!  You don’t have to worry about seating.  There will be plenty of room for you!

I know that His servant has extended you the invitation.  Hey, I’m no fool!  I got my ticket, how about you?

 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” John 3:16

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